Why Mobile Friendly Website is Important

Why Mobile Friendly Website is Important
Why Mobile Friendly Website is Important

Why Mobile Friendly Website is Important? If you are facing this question, then first you have to understand what a mobile-responsive website is. In short, A mobile-friendly website gives website visitors a visual, enjoyable encounter. Site navigation is simple and intuitive, and content sharing is natural and easy. The best feature is, that the site loads fast and the text is easy to read and fits on every size screen.

Statistics have shown that earlier, about 90% of website users were users who used computers. But now in 2023, this number has changed. About 55% of people access websites using smartphones or tablets. And day by day this number will continue to increase. Websites that were created using HTML looked better on computer view. But when a user searched a topic on Google with his smartphone or tablet, he had to zoom in to see it. A responsive website was created in 2002 to account for all these complexities. The number of creating responsive websites using CSS is increasing day by day.

In 2015 Google published a website using a Responsive Web Design user user-friendly Since then everyone started creating websites using Responsive Web Design. And since then there have been many changes in the web design and development sector.

What is Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design is the type of web design that uses HTML and CSS to display your website well on all devices, i.e. without zooming or swiping. In simple words, the content of the website that is created using HTML and CSS is compressed, expanded, and resized according to the screen of different devices. Let’s clear the topic with an example.

Suppose you have a computer and your friend has a smartphone. Both of you enter a website. Now you can easily read the website from your computer but your friend has to zoom the screen to read the website. Can you tell me the reason? Because the website is developed only by HTML design.

Since your friend is having trouble reading the website, he will naturally leave the website. Both of you now entered another website and both of you could read the contents of this website very well.

Because the design of this website is developed using HTML and CSS. A website designed using CSS is simply called Responsive Web Design. Responsive web design gives a good view on all devices. That is, if you enter a website from your computer, then it will show in computer view, and if you enter the same website with your smartphone, then there is no need to zoom in, and there is no fear of breaking the contents. Even if you enter with a tablet, you can see the contents as well. That is, it is visible on all devices like this beautiful.

Therefore, as the days go by, the number of responsive web design websites in the search engine will also increase.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important or Why Mobile Friendly Website is Important?

Though both questions are mean the same, the answer to the first question is known; Now the question is Why is Mobile a Friendly Website Important? Why should a website be designed responsively?

There is no substitute for the main goal of a website, i.e. to simply present information to everyone. As I said at the beginning, at one time the Internet was used only by computers; But now the situation is different.

According to the Datareportal & Statcounter survey conducted in 2023 showed that about 92.3% of internet users access the internet by using Smartphones. Over 55% of website traffic comes from Smartphones and 45% comes from computers.

Now speaking, there is a large number of mobile internet users and is being created, surely the computer layout website of the old generation is not suitable. Zooming in on a website or swiping left or right is waste of time, boring, and sometimes difficult to understand information. People want to get information easily and fluently, And this is where the importance of responsive web design is greatest.

Think Wisely

If you are a large number of mobile users; Better yet, if you want to present your website to users of all types of devices, then the website must be prepared accordingly. It’s not just about benefiting your visitors. This will increase the rank of your website in various search engines. As a result, the traffic of the website will increase i.e. it will reach more people.

In 2015, Google made several changes to its algorithm for ranking websites in the search engine. Whereas a website must be mobile-friendly to get a good rank. That is-

  • Must be able to read text from any screen-size device without zooming.
  • There should be no compulsion to swipe left or right.
  • There must be enough space to tap any target, etc.

Due to these reasons, the demand for responsive web design is skyrocketing. Almost all the websites that are created today are designed responsively.

Almost every day new types of devices are coming on the market. We have no idea what or what kind of devices people will use for internet use in the future. But now is the time to keep in mind that our websites can keep up with them.

So the importance of Responsive Web Design is not limited to the present time but is equally useful for the future to make the website more acceptable and suitable.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design:

The use of responsive web design is increasing day by day. Responsive web design has numerous advantages. It will contribute to your website’s SEO, user experience, conversion rate, and your website’s publicity. Some important benefits are discussed below.

i. Good User Experience (UX):

Responsive websites provide the best user experience. User experience is rated depending on how long a user stays on your website. If the view of your website is not good, if the user has to zoom repeatedly to read the contents, then the user will not stay on your website for long. But if your website changes according to the screen size of the user’s device, then there will be no difficulty in the user’s menu, entering the link, or filling out any form. As a result, they will feel comfortable using your website and the User Experience (UX) rate of your website will increase.

ii. The number of traffic will continue to increase day by day:

According to a statistic, at the end of 2023, 58% of the world’s web traffic came from mobile users. The traffic on the Internet is more than half of all traffic on the Internet. So it is clear how important responsive design is. Whether you have a commercial site or an institutional site, you should quickly get a responsive website design.

iii. Advantages of Maintenance:

A few days ago a separate version of the website was created for mobile phone users. Through this, a mobile user could see the contents of the website through the small screen of his device. However, this process is more time-consuming than responsive design. Another disadvantage of creating this mobile version is that you have to spend more money here because a web developer has to develop two sites instead of one. Additionally, you will waste your time and energy. But with responsive web design you don’t have to face so many problems and maintenance is also easy.

iv. Website loading time will be reduced by:

Responsive websites load faster than normal websites. Loading is also very fast on smartphones and tablets. Responsive images and fluid grids are responsible for such fast loading. It has been observed that 53% of mobile users leave a website after it takes more than 3 seconds to load. On the other hand, the user feels more comfortable reading the content on a website whose loading speed is good. As a result, the conversion rate increases. So your website must be responsive design.



Today’s digital landscape makes it essential to have a mobile-friendly website. As mobile devices continue to dominate internet usage, businesses and individuals alike must recognize the significance of ensuring their websites are optimized for mobile viewing. A mobile-friendly website not only improves user experience but also contributes to increased traffic, better search engine rankings, and higher conversion rates. It reflects a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, reaching a wider audience and accommodating users with diverse preferences and devices.

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