Install Configure and Fix the SSL Certificate

Fix your SSL (Install your Free SSL or Purchased SSL only)Fix your SSL (Install your Free SSL or Purchased SSL, 100% fully secure site with green padlock)Fix your SSL (Install your Free SSL or Purchased SSL, Fix every SSL issue, redirect issues, 100% fully secure site with a green padlock)
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Is your WordPress website showing “not secure”? Are you worried about how to fix secure website status? Then it is the right place for you to solve the problem. Here I will add an SSL certificate to your website to secure it. After adding the SSL certificate, your site will show up with the https:// secure badge. I will also set the redirect setting. This will automatically redirect your site to https:// version with the secure badge. Let us know why SSL is important and the benefits of SSL.

Install Configure and Fix the SSL Certificate
Install Configure and Fix the SSL Certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. When you install it on your web server, it will implement the padlock and https protocol and ensure the security of connecting to the web server from any browser. Generally, SSL is used for credit card transactions, the exchange of important information and log-in information, and gaining trust with visitors. If your website is SSL Certified then visitors will visit your website with confidence and business will grow faster.

Why is SSL needed?

SSL certificate is required to provide security of data exchange on websites. If your website deals with customer data then it must have SSL. Besides, after the 2014 Google Update Google announced that any site with SSL would get a ranking boost. Actually, search engines love sites that have SSL on their domains (https). Google also gives more importance to SSL in terms of ranking. Websites from WordPress have been encouraged to use SSL since its inception. So in my opinion all websites should have SSL regardless of the type of website. Read this article to know the importance of SSL certificates for your website.

Nowadays almost all hosting services offer free SSL, there is no point in website ranking and visitors not having SSL. So if you have a website, add SSL to it today.


  • You will be safe from short brute force and low-security attacks.
  • Improves site CTR.
  • Improve SEO ranking.
  • Improve site speed.
  • Increase user trust (It makes your website more trustworthy to customers as they will be sure that the info they submit will be secure, like card numbers and login details).
  • Improves conversion rates.
  • An SSL encrypts the user-provided information. 
  • Google officially ranks SSL-secured sites higher

Package Included: 

  • Install an issued SSL 
  • Install SSL, Configure SSL, Fix all types of SSL certificate install issue 
  • Automatic Redirect setting (http:// > https://)
  • Mixed content issue
  • Fix Insecure Content
  • Troubleshoot SSL browser warnings for old Secure Hash Algorithm-1, insecure links on the site, “incomplete CA chain”, etc.
  • Anything about an SSL Certificate.

What information I will need:

  • Login details for the hosting account and the SSL files 
  • Login details for the SSL vendor site if the SSL has not been issued yet
  • For insecure link warnings  login details for the site admin area

Note: Please contact us and clear your query before starting the job.

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